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Dance Instructors


Jessica Wade


Jessica Newton Wade was born in Sacramento, California. Starting her dance journey at the age of three she studied with numerous dance studios thru out the Northern California and Nevada areas. Dance has always been a passion, a way of life for Jessica Wade. Moving to Janesville, California at the age of six, she became the Head Choreographer for Susanville Best of Broadway at the age of sixteen. Her mother and her pioneered the non for profit and directed Best of Broadway successfully for thirteen years. Mrs. Wade instituted the Classified Dancers, a troupe of local Lassen County youth who performed all over Northern California as well as competed at National Dance Competitions. The Classified Dancers’ went on to dance in companies, instruct dance, dance for university teams, become gymnastics coaches and much more! Jessica was also a member and Captain of the LHS Drill Team, a Lassen Youth Cheerleader and a part of numerous other groups, in Lassen County.

As a professional dancer Jessica Wade appeared in the Harlem Hip-Hop Festival in NYC, under the direction of Master CC. In 2006 Jessica took to the international dance scene as a guest dancer in the Northern European Festival of Dance, also appearing in the Kupio Dance Festival, Finland. As a member of The Mix dance troupe out of Northern California, Jessica has performed numerous executive events.   


Her musical career has sent her on stage. Jessica performed as a guest artist for the BYU Summer Camps, in the musical Pippin, and review shows. She sang and danced to many Broadway numbers as a soloist for Best of Broadway, as well as the Susanville Symphony’s Swing Band, and Seasonal Shows. She was a performing artist for the National Anthem at rodeos all over California and Nevada, as well as singing for the National Finals Rodeo, in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the Reno Rodeo. 


At the age of 18 Jessica Wade opened JandJ Performing Arts to broaden the dance community within Lassen County. She has been a guest instructor at numerous studios in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii and Europe. Apprenticing at the Frankfurt Company of Arts, she grew her love for dance and expanded her teaching techniques.

“Each student that walks thru the door of JandJ is going to feel like they’re working for their dreams. There is no limit. No matter how small of an area you come from. If you dream big and work hard your goals are limitless.”


Celeste Wiser


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Kat Guess


Dance is not only something that I love and am passionate about, it defines so much of who I am. I am able to express any emotion. Being a mother, a wife and a business owner I sometimes find myself feeling overwhelmed with all of life's challenges. I used to dance simply because I loved it, but now I dance because it is literally what keeps me going. It's my outlet, my motivation, my strength. Without dance, I have no idea who I would be today. 


I took my first  dance class when I was in Kindergarten. I met Nicole McCoy who inspired my love for ballet. I began teaching when I was 15 and did so until I graduated High School. Also while in high school I was involved with the Susanville Best of Broadway and Lassen High School Drill Team, being captain my senior year.  I am also co-founder of C & K Dance alongside my dance sister, Celeste Wiser:) Within C & K Dance we held several dance camps in our community to raise funds for us to travel to NYC and Las Vegas to learn from the best choreographers in the country (several of whom choreographed for SYTYCD). After high school I moved to Rocklin, Ca where I found my true love for hip hop. I took all dance genres while I was enrolled at the highly accredited studio Dance Elite. I auditioned for a hip hop crew called Empire where we not only ranked nationally in dance competitions but also performed for several events around the Sacramento area. I was also a part of a competitive group called Pre-Pro where we trained in and performed all genres of dance. While living in Rocklin, I traveled back and forth to Susanville to perform for the Susanville Symphony Ballet "Earth, Wind, Fire, Ice" where I danced en pointe.  After living in Rocklin for 3 years, I moved back to my home town of Susanville where I  started teaching at J & J Performing Arts in 2012. Since then I have performed and choreographed for Susanville's Hollywood Vibe. I also help with the Lassen High Drill Team, choreograph for the Miss Lassen County Pageant and occasionally perform with the Susanville City Kickettes.

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