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At JandJ we train our dancers in a broad ballet technique that combines ABT, Russian, French and English styles. This allows our ballet dancers to move at an individual pace, and opens doors to many styles of ballet training opportunities. We offer the following classes:

Pre-K Ballet | Ages 3-5

Pre-Ballet | Ages 5-7

Ballet I , II , III , IV , V


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Our jazz program is designed to train dancers for pre professional to progressional jazz work. We train in a basic jazz curriculum and incorporate techniques from Fosse, musical theater, battle jazz and more. We offer pre k mini combo (jazz and tumble mix) ages 3-5, Mini combo ages 5-7, Beginning thru Advanced Jazz Classes.


We have beginning to advanced tap classes

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Our Acro program is based in acrobatic arts syllabus and training systems. This program is used worldwide to provide a strong base for acro and tumble dance techniques. We have beginning to advanced acro/tumble classes. We also offer all male tumble classes and tiny tumble classes.


We have beginning to advanced hip hop classes. Hip Hop is a style of dance that changes from instructor to instructor and from many different styles throughout the USA and the world. The dance represents the music chosen and the style represents the region.

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Our Modern program is a mix of Horton and Graham. We offer beginning to advanced modern classes.

Mommy and Me

Our Mommy & Me program is designed for students ages 18 months to three years old. This is a class that a parent/family member accompanies their dancer through a class incorporating ballet, acro, jazz and musical expression techniques.

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