These senior performers at JandJ Performing Arts each received a $500 Scholarship to continue to fund their dance dreams. 

Ashleigh Adair "Wendy," Nicomi Reed "Peter Pan," and Alyssa Lozano "Tiger Lilly," all have been students at JandJ Performing Arts for more than 6 years, and each performed as Competitive Team dancers, Susanville City Kickettes, and JandJ soloists. They each also apprenticed in classes at the studio, as well as trained in 6-10 hours of dance per week. 

JandJ Performing Arts initiated their scholarship program back in 2004 and since then has given over $6,000 in scholarships over the past 11 years. The funds come from the shows the dancers star in. With over 700 attendee's at the 2014 Peter Pan Recital the JandJ scholarship fund thanks all who came. 

The "Fund a Dream" Program at JandJ helps dancers in need with tuition costs and costuming and has been a stable part of our program for the last ten years.


"Sometimes there's a need that a family cannot meet and the scholarship program gives them the chance to succeed." Jessica Newton Wade